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update. >> reporter: good morning. crews are busy working trying get that power back in this noe valley neighborhood. the lightning didn't strike the transformer but triggered two others and caused the outages. you can see how many customers are affected. about 100 customers have been affected. the lightning hit near the transformer not on it. crews are working on hoffman avenue to check other transformers, as well. challenge is because it involves multiple transformers, they have to count individually how many customers were affected and connected to each transformer. another challenge that pg&e mentioned is it is misty out here and that's why they are having a hard time trying to work on these right now. but at this point, the outage started around 1:12 this morning and there is no time or estimate for when the power
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will be restored in this neighborhood. live in noe valley, cate caugiran, cbs 5. the weather has just turned wintry. it is cold out there. we're expecting showers today around the bay area. there could be some snow on some of the higher peaks here, as well. there's definitely snow up in the sierra. we can tell you that. highway 89 at squaw valley snow up there. they could get nearly a foot of snow by the time the storm moves out. the snow level down to about 5,000 feet. better chain up. and the falling snow caught drivers off guard despite the fact that they knew it was coming. many travelers heading up interstate 80 and down think they beat the storm but it hit earlier than expected. tow truck driver mick hodges said the snow came so suddenly, so fast, caltrans didn't have time to set up chain controls in truckee. >> they let a bunch of cars through without chains and then it started snowing real heavy so there's all these cars on
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the highway with no chains on and they were crashing. >> a break in the storm left roads slick and wet. still, chain controls remain in effect, upsetting some truck drivers forced to buy chains out of pocket and putting chains on is no fun. when you have to buy them up there, it's a king's ransom you. >> pay to put them on and pay to take them off. >> usually the truckers do it themselves. snow in the high country and rain down here. >> so now, do we have your attention? the weather is starting to act up. >> and we have the mock turtleneck going today. >> yes. and we have some of that cold weather around the bay area. showers continuing and cold enough we could see a couple of more snowflakes in the local mountains. look at the low as you see that energy circulate around it and continue to move onshore. we have seen numerous lightning strikes with the system pushed on through. showers continuing southward just south of san jose along the 101 near morgan hill and
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gilroy. looks like we're not done just yet. we may catch a dry slot. you can see this one wave of moisture and this low come through here. behind that a little break but there's more right here that's likely to rotate down so we are going to keep things unsettled but these temperatures heading out it's chilly. 37 degrees in santa rosa. 42 san rafael. 41 in the napa valley. and, of course, that's why we're seeing a chance of snow over the tops of the mountains. >> thank you. this is one of the first wet commutes we have had really wet commutes in a while. so we had an earlier traffic alert that's now canceled. that was out in milpitas near the 880/237 interchange. we're also getting reports of some flooding in lanes, some hydroplaning so be extra careful. a lot of these different accidents have been cleared and obviously, it's friday, often we see lighter traffic on a friday. not too many cars on the golden gate bridge. it appears to be moving okay right now across the span. one accident we are continuing to follow is in the westbound lanes of 580 right there near
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the livermore truck scales. we're checking in with chp to see how many lanes are still blocked. but a car actually hydroplaned. there was flooding blocking -- partially blocking the right lane coming through the altamont pass and livermore. coming up more on traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. people are lined up in san jose this morning to sign up for help for the holidays. sacred heart community service is having registration today for its holiday food and toy distribution. 4,000 families will be given food boxes at thanksgiving at christmas sacred heart plans to help feed 3200 families and provide toys for 5500 children. low-income families can sign up for that assistance from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. the sacred heart community service is located at 1381 south first street in san jose. it's also accepting help making the holiday donations possible. it is 4:35 now. walnut creek police are looking
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for suspects after a woman said two men kidnapped and robbed her. the 57-year-old woman said she was abducted around 7:30 wednesday night as she lot of her workplace at the shadelands business park. she says the men tied her up and then drove her to various atms forcing her to withdraw money from her bank account before abandoning her in the oakland hills. she was able to free herself and then finally call 911. police in oakland have released a composite sketch of a suspect in a kidnap attempt. a 14-year-old girl says she was walking along 103rd avenue near walnut street monday afternoon when the man tried to force her into a red dodge ram pickup. she got away. the suspect described as a man in his 20s, tall, lanky with blonde hair. a second man in the driver's seat of the pickup, as well. a home being renovated in san francisco goes up in flames. a neighbor shot this video just moments after flames broke out last night in the monterey
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heights neighborhood. the neighbor says the house had been abandoned for many years. no one was there when the fire started. flames also scorched the wall of a nearby house. and it took nearly an hour and a half to put this fire out. they are still looking for a cause. a s.w.a.t. raid shuts down silicon valley drug labs. a number of police agencies served search warrants at apartments on bush street in downtown mountain view. tips coming from neighbors led them to the apartment complex. officers found inside some weapons and drugs. there was some meth and heroin, a lab for making a powerful hallucinogenic called dye mettle tribute mean or dmt for short. >> you can snort it, inject it, and it's a fast acting hallucinogen. >> police say this is only the third dmt lab to be busted in california. three suspects were arrested. more are expected. officers say the drug could
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have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. police are trying to determine how many home burglaries can be tied to two east palo alto women. the two women were arrested in los altos monday. investigators believe they are behind at least 15 burglaries in santa clara, san mateo and contra costa counties. this is a look at the stolen items. police say they found it in the women's car including electronics, handbags and jewelry. >> to be honest it was surprising to see the magnitude of the items found and not only magnitude but just the distance that was traveled -- that we believe was traveled to execute these burglaries. >> police say items include jewelry taken from a palo alto home shortly before the arrest. in that case the burglars pried open a locked sliding door. in the headlines, san francisco police are looking for two women who pepper
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sprayed another woman and took her cell phone yesterday afternoon at 19th and harrison. police say the thieves took off in a white car. the victim is okay. today the waiting period begins for the big wave surfing contest known as mavericks. organizers have two dozen surfers on standby around the world and they are hoping for good conditions after disappointments the previous two years. the window of opportunity on the san mateo coast continues until the end of march. >> in just a few hours, president obama set to deliver a speech about preventing the united states from falling off that so-called "fiscal cliff." if congressional democrats and republicans don't reach a budget deal by the end of the year the bush-era tax cuts will expire. deep across the board spending cuts will kick in. for now the vice president joe biden and many others in washington are expressing confidence that it can be avoided. >> we're determined not to go
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over the cliff. i think better heads will prevail. >> nonpartisan congressional budget office predicts the "fiscal cliff" would send the unemployment rate skyrocketing above 9% next year. those types of concerns are showing up in the world market this morning. major asian and european markets are down today following two rough days for the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 here at home. u.s. futures are also down this morning. investors also are concerned about europe's debt crisis. new rules could mean shorter lines at gas stations in new york. police are at gas stations today to enforce a new fuel rationing plan. it lets people fill up their cars every other day depending on the last number on their license plates. new york mayor michael bloomberg says the move is designed to ease the fuel crunch and shortages could last a few more weeks. >> i don't like it. i don't think it's going to be for long. soon it's going to have gas for everybody. i don't think it's going to be
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for long because i don't like it too much. >> the latest storm has setback efforts to restore power in the northeast. new york's governor is calling for an investigation into why it's taking so long to get electric service back. we want to thank everyone who donated during our sandy relief telethon. thanks to your generosity, we raised almost $135,000 for the american red cross. our parent company cbs 5 matched almost $18,000 in employee donations and you can still contribute just go to our website, just amazing. >> my guess, roberta gonzales is asleep. she went straight through 13 hours including at the end. >> great job. >> a lot of generous people. we say thanks. it is 4:40 now. navy seals in a lot of trouble with the department of defense. what they did with the videogame that's causing a lot
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of security concerns. >> plus, something fishy about a uc-davis sorority prank. why police don't think it's too funny. >> and it looks like something out of a movie here. bandits, motorcycles pull off a brazen heist inside a mall that's packed with people. it's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it looks like something outa james bond movie. six men, dressed in black, wearing helmets a brazen heist at a mall in north london looks like something out of a james bond really. six men dressed in black ride into the mall on motorcycles. they then smash the display window at a jewelry store and ride off with $3 million worth of jewels and rolex and cartier watches. police are still looking for them. they were able to get away. >> that is a little crazy. >> it looks like a movie. >> if you were in there you would say wow, what's this all
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about? >> no kidding. >> in honor of the james bond movie coming out, you're wearing your mock turtleneck. >> i'm roger moore, right? remember those days? we have some showers continuing to show up around the bay area and some pockets of some thunderstorms producing even some hail outside. check this out. sent in from a viewer we had this scattered about the bay area today. even at "karnopolis" i was collecting hail with my little girl. that's what you get when the atmosphere is so cold. these thunderstorms are developing outside. still, we are not done with the rain just yet. hi-def doppler showing you more showers but the focus is south this morning into the south bay on the corridor between san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, showers head there is now. so if you are stepping out the door going that way, be careful, you could see brief heavier downpours. today cool to begin with. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and by the afternoon it's going to stay very cool. highs only in the 50s.
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a chance we could still see some isolated showers and possibly a wandering thunderstorm work its way through the bay area. so unsettled weather continuing. i think the heaviest batch coming through this morning. we may catch a break but we're not done with the rainfall just yet. we have more likely to swing down to the bay area tonight and possibly into tomorrow morning so unseasonably cold. some of these temperatures nine to 13 degrees below average for this time of year. how about this? 55 degrees the expected high in pacifica. 58 in livermore and 57 degrees the blue on the screen is over the mountaintops and the temperatures are expected to top out in the 40s across the mountains. so that's why we might see a little dusting of snow. if you are getting this up morning, check it out. the weekend looks like the sweet spot in the forecast here. but by late in the day monday clouds roll in. maybe some more rain on tuesday and wednesday. but at least the weekend will be nice. >> mother nature timed it out just right. guess that old storm door will
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keep opening. roads are slick. so far no hot spots. we continue to check in with chp to update you on some different accidents. minor fender-benders we have been seeing nothing across the bay bridge. so far everything looks good heading into san francisco. elsewhere if you are commuting towards the dublin interchange this is a live look at westbound 580 traffic. 15 minutes or so is the drive time between the altamont pass and pleasanton. but give yourself extra time this morning if you typically commute that route. we actually had some earlier flooding in lanes. we just called chp on this one. westbound 580 approaching the livermore truck scales. a car actually hydroplaned in that area because for a while the right lane was blocked by standing water in the roadway. all lanes are back open but we're already seeing an unusual amount of slowing in the area so obviously cars just taking it a little extra easy this morning. those yellow sensors are speeds below 40 miles per hour.
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elsewhere, here's a live look through milpitas. 880/237, coming around that bend, everything looks good so far this morning leaving milpitas towards san jose. and across the golden gate bridge, traffic is fine so far into san francisco. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:47. the arizona gunman who killed six people and wounded 13 others will spend his life in prison. the judge handledded jared loughner seven consecutive life sentences and 140 years. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was among the survivors until the courtroom yesterday. but she did not speak publicly. loughner has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic and will likely spend the rest of his life in a prison medical facility. in "your world this morning," a 15-year-old pakistani girl is said to be making a steady recovery after being shot in the head by a taliban gunman. malala yousufzai is being treated at a hospital in
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britain. she is starting to walk, talk and read. >> she is recovering well and wants me to tell you she has been humbled by the thousands of cards messages and gifts that she has received. they have helped my daughter's survive and stay strong. >> she is an outspoken activist for girls' education which made her a target of the taliban. the pentagon confirms iran shot at but milled a missed a u.s. drone. an iranian fighter jet shot at it last week. the pentagon says it kept quiet about the incident until yesterday because of restrictions on discussing classified surveillance missions. 4:48. the u.s. military is taking disciplinary action against a group of navy seals because of what they did for a bay area
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company. it involves a realistic videogame called war fighter. electronics arts out of redwood city consulted with current members of the seal team 6 that is the team that took down osama bin laden. seven men have been reprimanded. four others are under investigation. separately other seals are in a movie called act of valor with the navy's approval. >> yes, there are seals that i think eight of them active duty navy seals one of them may be out now that participated in this. it started off as a recruiting film. >> the navy is not saying exactly what kind of classified information was given to electronic arts but the reprimands could ruin the careers of those seals this were involved. nestle is recalling thousands of canisters of necessary quick chocolate drink mixes that may have salmonella. nestle says the problem covers batches from last month. the bottom of the canisters say best to use by october 2014.
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so far no reports of anybody getting sick. it looks like safeway workers won't be joining in on that grocery store rival raley's picket lines. union employees reached a tentative deal which includes some healthcare coverage raley's workers were fighting to keep. raley's issued a statement on safeway's agreement saying it has no impact on its own ongoing contract dispute. uc-berkeley students are asking for a share of the prop 30 pie. the voter-approved tax measure is supposed to raise $6 billion for the state's public schools and those standing in the rain yesterday demanded an immediate rollback of tuition. >> the point is not that we need to re-fund education. we need to completely restructure it and we need to put our priorities in educating students. >> the prop 30 money is not designated for uc funding. instead, it's supposed to prevent more uc cuts. students who repeat classes
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or take more than a full load could be forced to pay extra. next week, california state university will decide on several new fee hikes. they are aimed at pushing students to earn their degrees faster and open up spaces for other students. seniors who have earned enough credits to graduate but are still taking classes could also face higher fees. sounds like something out of the godfather. someone dumped hundreds of dead goldfish on the front lawn of a sore rory a sorority at uc- davis, slashed tires, rummaged through unlocked cars and stole a wallet. >> i think it's a funny prank but that's a large amount of fish to be dumping around somewhere. [ laughter ] >> that's upsetting to me. i don't know why someone would do that. >> several other uc-davis sorority houses have also been
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hit with pranks this week. 4:52. talk about a lucky break. the california man who won the lottery at the right time. >> plus it was no joke. the shocking result after one man took a pregnancy test. [ laughter ] >> usually 30, 35 minutes away but today about an hour and a half. >> and the mad dash for designer goods how it called a chain reaction on bay area freeways when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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are you looking for some entertainment this weekend? how about the red bull flutog? the machines crash into the bay. >> bay bridge, milpitas, traffic is light. we'll have more coming up. believe it or not, thanksgiving is less than a couple of weeks away. many are already planning a big turkey day menu but on the consumerwatch this morning, julie watts tells us this year's thanksgiving will likely
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cost you a little bit more. >> reporter: doesn't it seem like every year you hear the same thing? >> we have heard this before. >> we have. >> reporter: this year it will be a little more expensive as if the holidays weren't hard enough on the pocketbook. due to the drought, those thanksgiving staples are about to get more expensive. everything from turkey to cider will cost more this year. stuffing and pumpkin pie ingredients are expected to cost 4% more. the price of turkey and butter are up 5%. and apples and apple cider top the list with a 20 to 30% increase over last year. so in an effort to help you save, we're turning to the experts with our consumerwatch mommy blogger challenge. don't let the nam fooler. any frugal folks can afly. don't let name fool you. for more information go to consumerwatch. we have posted our own thanksgiving menu there and we are challenging you to help us save. we'll go shopping with the person with the lowest total price on our thanksgiving staples and feature their creative money saving tips here
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on cbs 5. the hope is to help everyone save this year. home pregnancy tests my detect cancer in men. hormones are produced by a woman's play sent that during pregnancy. it originated with a boy who took a home pregnancy test as a joke and received a positive result. and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. who knew. you are likely to see traffic jams in livermore on the roads leading to a new shopping mall. traffic backed up on interstate 580 as paragon outlets celebrated its grand opening. it was good for shoppers and merchants. >> we don't have to go to vacaville anymore. fabulous, so many great stores. >> some stores had sales by
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11:30 so it was a great day. >> paragon outlets has hundreds of stores and thousands of workers. it will be open through midnight tomorrow and tonight and special entertainment offers all weekend. >> i saw you taking notes. off to livermore. 4:57. a man set to lose his job at the campbell soup company in sacramento won the lottery. michael's megamillion ticket won him more than $250,000. he buys tickets every week but forgot to check his last batch. when the clerk reminded him, let's check them out, he got the good news. he plans to pay billions and invest the rest of the prize. >> good for him. >> very cool. 4:57. a new sense of urgency to avert the riffle hitch "fiscal cliff." what could happen. >> forget dolls that wet and cry. why this toy is creating controversy just in time for christmas. >> reporter: it is cold and it is wet. but about 100 people have been
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camping out all night. we'll tell you why coming up next. ,,
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